Saturday 9 November

Song Company

Nineteen To The Dozen

Nineteen to the Dozen A brand new a cappella conversation without lyrics Prepare to be amazed as The Song Company singers perform 19 brand-new musical works from Australian composers & 12 early music classics from Hildegard to Bruckner, presented by Australia’s leading vocal ensemble Each of our nineteen (actually twenty) living Australian composers has created a miniature soundworld from scratch – without direct reference to anything and been been asked to fill 2-minutes with sounds that draw on the rich heritage of The Song Company’s first 35 years and look forward to the countless possibilities of the human voice – using the 163 symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet and beyond. The brief for the commission was: no title, no words, and no explicit program note – i.e. to do without the usual handles for a composer of vocal or choral music. Some have clearly allowed the songs of birds and the melodies of the elements to inform their work; others have been influenced by mechanical processes, and some by musical allusions to older composers and compositional techniques. Have open ears and let your mind and heart make the connections – make the piece yours as a listener. If you see nothing but a horse and a telephone inside a room, your mind still tries to find a connection between them. And it's the same with sound: what are we singing? what are we listening to? Are these the sounds of nature? Fragments of older composers, half-remembered nursery songs? It's your journey. Make of it what you will.

New works by Alice Chance, Aristea Mellos, Bernie Van Tiel & Rex Le, Chris Williams, Colin Black, Dan Walker, Elizabeth Sheppard, Felicity Wilcox, Gordon Hamilton, Josephine Gibson, Lyle Chan, Matthew Hindson, Naomi Crellin, Natalie Maschmeyer, Owen Elsley, Sally Whitwell, Sarah Elise Thompson, Sonya Holowell, and Stephen Adams. Early music from the last 12 centuries is represented by Kassiani, Anonymous, Guido d'Arezzo, Hildegard of Bingen, Adam de la Halle, Guillaume de Machaut, John Dunstaple, William Byrd, Henry Purcell, Johann Sebastian Bach, Anton Bruckner, and Igor Stravinsky and                                                                                                                                                      The Song Company:


Anna Sandström | Amy Moore | Stephanie Dillon | Jessica O'Donoghue
Dan Walker | Koen van Stade | Hayden Barrington | Thomas Flint
Antony Pitts Conductor

Adults $60, Concession $55

VOCALIZATION IS ALL ABOUT THE SOUND AND THE STORY. THE SONG COMPANY OF AUSTRALIA IS THE CONTINENT’S PREMIER VOCAL ENSEMBLE, SINGING MUSIC OF ALL TIMES AND PLACES, STORY-TELLING THROUGH SOUND. From across the continent we come together as The Song Company – to give voice to stories from far and wide – together we are Australia’s premier vocal ensemble.

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© Photographs by Richard Gates, and Tawfik Elgazzar

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