Saturday July 21
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Orquesta Tipica

A Bit of a Concert on Saturday Morning.

Some exciting new events are popping up at the Independent. These one hour events start at 10:30, with light refreshments. Some events are free, some ticketed, but all of them bring something a bit different to your Saturday morning. Drop in for a Bit at the Independent.

Adult $25, Concession and Under 30 $20, Student $10, Child $10.

One of Australia's foremost Tango ensembles, Tángalo is a shape shifter on the scene, from duo to full symphony orchestra and everything in between, whatever guise the ensemble chooses, the music of the Argentine Tango is presented with skill, craft, passion, joy and grit. In this special edition concert they present their sextet Tángalo 'Orquesta Tipica'. With directors Emily-Rose Sarkova and Owen Salome at the helm on Bandoneons, they welcome a host of special guests - star Bridget O'Donnell on violin, Tango double bass powerhouse Chloe Anne Williamson, New York Violist Ian Colley and local fiery fingers on the piano, Siyao He. Described by Sydney Morning Herald's John Shand as 'Chamber Music on Steroids', this is a special event you do not want to miss!

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