Sunday September 16
<p><span style="color:#ffffff"><span style="font-size:26px"><span style="font-family:eb garamond,serif">3:30pm</span></span></span></p>

Tomomi Takahashi and Ensemble

Album Launch of “Illusions”

Tomomi Takahashi’s original music effortlessly evokes sounds from around the world; from green Irish meadows and the streets of Paris, to the mystical orient. This evocative music displays Tomomi’s magical skill as a composer and pianist. Performing with some of Australia's finest musicians and performance artists, Tomomi has created a concert for all ages. This sumptuous afternoon for the senses will enchant your inner child.

Original Compositions and Arrangements by Tomomi Takahashi.

Tomomi invites you, if you wish, to come dressed in any theme or character that her music inspires in you!

All Tickets $30

Tomomi’s life revolves around music, the language in which she authentically expresses herself. She feels she is both Australian and Japanese and aspires to embrace all the colours of life. A musical ‘gypsy’, Tomomi plays all genres. She has a passion for collaborating with other artists and playing live and enjoys playing for improvised theatre. Being on stage is like coming home to Tomomi. She hears the music come alive with the ensemble and in the audience’s emotional response. “I speak through music; it enables me to express myself more openly, freely and fully than any other ways of communication.”

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