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There's a range of subscription and gift certificate options at the Independent in 2020, read more to see what you can save.

Prelude in Tea 2020

Join us on the last Sunday of the month for the popular Prelude in Tea Sunday concert series, with cake from 2:30, and a concert at 3:30 from some of Australia’s best and most exciting small ensembles. 
A Prelude in Tea concert is the perfect Sunday afternoon out. 

Prelude in Tea Supper Series 2020

The best of Sundays, Supper and Song. Featuring voice and vocalists, the new Prelude Supper and Song Series concerts are followed by a wine and cheese supper and a chance for a chat with the artists.

Cafe Culture

Café Culture is a new casual concert format, presenting the best of chamber music in a casual and conversational style. Held in the beautiful foyers of the Independent Theatre, Café Culture features short performances interspersed with opportunities to chat with the artists. Café Culture is a relaxed experience for the dedicated concert goer, and the perfect introduction for those new to chamber music.

Your favourites are back at the Independent in 2020, with the Australian Haydn Ensemble, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Marais Project, the Song Company and more.

Your favourites are back