3:30pm Sunday 19 November
Complimentary refreshments are served at intermission.

The Muffat Collective


 Neopolitan Madness

Join the Muffat Collective for an afternoon of drama and excitement. Featuring the internationally acclaimed Australian soprano Anna Sandström, the program explores passionate cantatas and dramatic concerti by Antonio Vivaldi and his contemporaries

 Featuring four graduates from elite institutions in The Netherlands, The Muffat Collective is a unique group of historically informed performers bound by their passion of re-discovering the performance practises of the 17th and 18th Century. Having recently returned to make Australia their home once again, in this program titled Neoplitan Madness, the Collective explore passion, drama, love and sorrow through the eyes of the exuberant 'Red Priest' Vivaldi. The program also features rarely heard gems by contemporaries of Vivaldi, whose

exquisite music will transport you to the magic of 18thC Italy.

Tickets: $37 Adult, $27 Concession, $15 student and $10 child.

The Muffat Collective comprises four period instrument specialists that are extremely passionate about performing chamber music from the 17th and 18th century. All top graduates from The Royale Conservatoire of The Hague and Utrecht, the four members have returned to Australia after extensive experience playing with some of Europe's leading Baroque orchestras. The Collective would like to give you a genuine and moving experience by sharing with you incredibly rare and often unperformed works by forgotten masters; music that is full of vitality, energy and emotions that speak to us now, as much as they did in the past. 

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